FFmpeg: Fix blank video file properties and missing thumbnail

MP4 video files usually contain metadata information such as the video length, frame width/height, frame rate, and bit rate. However, sometimes the file properties and thumbnail for an MP4 video file are missing or not showing up, this could be due to various reasons.

A simple solution is the “stream copy” function in FFmpeg. This function allows you to copy one or more streams (such as audio, video, or subtitles) from a multimedia file to another file without re-encoding the streams.

The following command will copy all streams without re-encoding:

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -c copy output.mp4

-i input.mp4 specifies the input file.

-c copy tells FFmpeg to copy all streams from the input file without re-encoding them. This is fast and preserves the original quality of the streams.

output.mp4 specifies the output file.

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